Love of the Summer

How long till I see you again
How far till I reach you
Summer is gone and now I wait through the rain,
The sweetness of spring, the festivity of winter,
Is almost bland while I wait for you,
For only the summer is for us,
But rest we are fated to be apart.
My eyes strain with the need to see you,
I only have to close them to be able to picture you as perfect as you are,
How beautiful an image.
Just a vision so bright,
How potent will you be in sight…

But I know we cannot be
For duty to you comes before love,
Mind before heart.
Oh how I wish we could have met just some while ago,
When you dint have the chains holding you back as they do now.
What paradise we would have been in had fate gone differently,
No sorrow no hate, just burrow and mate.

Or would it have been better if I never saw you,
Standing in that tower looking out at the sea,
So unhappy and lost,
But yet beautiful in heart.

No I cannot wish that, for I would never want to be as I was then,
We met once and I was lost,
I hope we meet again somewhere,
even if it is a thousand years from now.

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Lots of love,
– heartobsessedcrazyfemale


And my fingers have no holding back as they skim over your skin,
My lips can’t resist as I kiss your weakness under your chin.
Your shivers highten my senses
Aware i am of every breath you and i share..
The flutter of your eyes as your pleasure surges high,
To hear the soft sigh followed by that moan I would stop at nothing anymore.
The curve of ur body as sensuous as a flowing river,
Flows through my mind making my heart quiver.
Its as though you are the rarest of delicacies, one I know is forbidden for me.
But would I stop even if i could resist?
I can taste your heartbeat rise as I kiss that sweet spot right above where i can feel it beat,
My tenderness surprises me too,
Dint know I had it in me to want to only pleasure you so.
Your body yields to me like it was meant for me,
Its a treasure I choose to explore,every inch a new discovery.
One we become as our bodies interlock in such a perfect fit,
The pleasure in your eyes is mirrored in mine but more potent.
I hear my name through your lips and I’m thrown off the edge.
Fallen in love or lust yet I can’t decide,
All I know is your body is my temple and your soul my god.


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Love of the night.

A dear friend of mine wrote a piece of this poem which really nudged me to continue. Hope i did it justice!
And she asked me
if we could make love
under the broad night sky,
but I hesitated..
the stars would be watching,
The wind might caress,
the grass would tickle and the moon might want to posses you as i once wished to.
But if my love was only a will to posses, it would not be love,
And i wish to cherish you like no other..



She was trapped,
Trapped by her choices,
Trapped by her inner voices.
Not regret certainly but just a slight pang,
Made her rethink those days
only to imagine a different today..
Would we have been happier without each other?
Coz we certainly don’t seem to be making each other any better.
Not sure yet if the steps she took were correct then..
But now deciding to shut him out seems wrong too,
Dint the last time and paid for it well, she wants to again but can’t find the courage.
Is it love keeping her there? Or is it just comfort?
True enough it is to say that comfort accompanies love.
But can comfort make up for the lost love, is yet to be determined as it is her heart on stake this time..

Icy or fiery?

Id only known that the hot could burn,
Fiery and alive.. the beauty in it I can’t describe..
No one warned me about the cold though,
How could I have known it burnt even more..
But you came along and let me know, just how high icy falmes could soar..
The freeze in your voice, the ice in your eyes,
That touch so cold, yet heating me inside.
With frigid teeth you branded your name forever on my heart,
But when I looked down at the scar it glowed a bright scarlett.
Just then did I realise how true your fire was,
Icy white on the outside, hiding a passionate fire inside.
Why I ask? To shield me from the burn?
Oh I wish you knew darling, how futile that effort was.
For I was set ablaze the very first time I met your burning gaze.

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Is lust without love always?

A wish i made one day, to have you by my side.
And now that you are,I almost can’t decide;
How true is the love i see in your eyes?
Is it just me or can we make it twice?
Is it love i feel from you when I hear your heart race?
Or is it just galloping farther away  from me every time we face.
Oh but the touch of your fingertips, the whisper of your lips,
Awakens this desire in me;
Fulfill it, i could almost plea.
The circle of your arms, the feel of your scars,
The tickle of your caress, the perfect pace we set for ourselves…
It can’t all be false, can it?
Or do i just not want to believe it?
I see it in your eyes too, don’t i?
Do I???

So perfectly we fit, like a lock and key,
You are the answer to my question,
freedom to my suppression.
Sometimes gentle,sometimes not so,
Through all the turmoil, we still seem to let go,
Of all our grudges and insecurities,
If this then isn’t beautiful, I don’t know what is.

– heartobsessedcrazyfemale

Love quantified? Can it be?

Just a few days back in conversation with a friend, I was faced with a question I very often ask myself. Is love quantifiable? It lead me to think if it really is so impossible to quantify or measure love in terms of intensity or a specific unit and if it is possible can it be of any good to us.

Lets rewind a little.
Let me begin by saying I am a humanities student who is majoring in psychology.
As a student of humanities i get the opportunity of meet so many varied people with such distinctly different set of morals and ideals as well as very different ways of looking at things. After a class of social psychology a very close friend of mine just stated that she was greatly interested in the field of social psychology as it gave her a whole new way of looking and defining everyday phenomenon. As a personal interest she was really intrigued by love and interpersonal relationships as a topic in our studies. What interested her was that even if theoretically we say love cant be measured or quantified, she said it can be in a very unbiased and scientific way.
Now lets focus on this as a plausible task. If love was to be would one? In a specific universal unit? Yeah I suppose that can be done. So what would be the unit of measurement.. perhaps something like a scale. But then we would have to have an ideal kind of love which is the epitome on the scale. With the highest score so to say.
And what about the lowest point of the scale? Would that still qualify as love then? Because that what we essentially are trying to do by quantifying love is trying to indicate that one kind of love is more potent, more true and intense and just the better kind of love.
Now another question that comes to me and something I probably should have addressed earlier is, are we only talking about romantic love here? I dont think my friend was as interpersonal love can be between any two people regardless of age, gender, class etc. But if that is the case isn’t comparing the love between a mother and her son and the love between that son and his wife the crux of half the dramas in soaps as well as in life? And is that really something we need more of? :p
My friend might answer that by quantifying one isn’t necessarily comparing. Its just defining and classifying
Ah! Another point of the confusion!! Can love be defined???? On the basis of what! But lets leave that for another time.
To continue with the quantification I think I’ve taken a rather super negative approach as on a personal level I’m not very convinced we can quantify love. I simply think so because what holds value  in the relationship between two individuals and the hierarchy in which these values are placed is different between every relationship. Not just two as in two couples we could say but how much value I based on physical intimacy in one relationship could change drastically in another relationship I have with someone else down the time. Of course one could say a persons maturity also factors in when this order of values is decided but that is exactly my point! When ones maturity is what changes priorities in the love between two people, is the love a child has for his mother not as true because he isn’t mature enough? And we sure have examples of relationships which started out totally based on lust and progressed to love. Because I truly don’t feel lust is without care and hence in my opinion that love is no less than any other.
Please comment down below what you think about this as I would love to interact with more people. After all this is just somewhere I wish to clear out my own confusion and not to just make my point. I’m very much open to a change of opinion about every topic.
Lots of love,